Monday, March 23, 2009

Gumpaste tiara

When I first wanted to learn how to make a tiara, all i could find was instructions on how to make them using royal icing and a tiara template to follow along on. Well, let's face it, I have never been good at royal icing, and I mean never. So instead, I played around with the idea of making the tiara out of gumpaste. I'm sure this is not a new concept,making a tiara out of gumpaste, but I'm just so happy that the tiara turned out so well.

It didn't cross my mind to photograph the steps, so instead I am posting a great cake decorator,Sharon Zambito, instruction to how she made her crown. She is an amazing cake decorator that also sells great how-to dvds. So check her out.

another great site that has a tutorial on how to make a gumpaste crown is from 'My Sweet and Saucy'

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